KIDS ON F.O.O.T - Holiday and After School OSCAR Programmes
OSCAR Subsidies

You may qualify for a subsidy to pay for your fees.  If your subsidy doesn't cover the full costs of the programme, you will be invoiced for the remaining amount.

If you are applying for an OSCAR subsidy, it is your responsibility to apply for this well in advance of the programme so as to ensure your fees are paid on time.  If the subsidy is delayed, you will be invoiced for your fees and reimbursed once we receive payment from WINZ.  

Please come and discuss any issues you may have with regard to payments

Who can get it?
You may get an OSCAR Subsidy if you:
  • are the main carer of a dependent child
  • don’t have a partner who can provide childcare
  • are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
It also depends on how much you and your spouse or partner earn.
The child or young person must be:
  • aged five to 13 years old (or up to 18 years if you get a Child Disability Allowance for them)
  • attending an approved OSCAR programme for three or more hours a week.
  • The child should also normally live in New Zealand.

This information is a guide only.  Contact WINZ to talk about your individual circumstances.


How much you can get?
This depends on your circumstances. You can estimate the amount of OSCAR Subsidy you may be entitled to by using the calculator on the Working for Families website.

What are the benefits of choosing an OSCAR approved programme
The OSCAR Standards provide reassurance to parents and caregivers that a programme is properly run and takes place in a safe environment for children. In addition, parents and caregivers may qualify for an OSCAR Subsidy. Parents of children attending unapproved programmes cannot receive an OSCAR Subsidy.
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