KIDS ON F.O.O.T - Holiday and After School OSCAR Programmes
Kids on f.o.o.t will:
> be valued
DSC03406> find out more about themselves
> enhance their giftings and talents
> build healthy relationships with  
   other kids, youth and adults
> be encouraged to be an asset to
   their families, schools and  
> learn more about giving and helping others
Our HOLIDAY PROGRAMMES vision is to send kids out into the community that they live, finding a need and filling it - enjoying their holidays while using their gifting and abilities to help others.Kids on f.o.o.t - Kids on F.aith O.f T.ouch - believing that even at a young age, you can touch others through doing good, giving and helping where needed! Kids can be agents of change to a more positive, healthy, unified & fruitful society!
Through our AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMME it is our heart to  help families have more family time - by offering extra curricular activities during after school care, parents are able to pick their kids up from us and they do not have to rush around dropping them off to various lessons and clubs - they would just be going home to spend some quality time together.  We are particularly driven by the fact that many low-socio economic families do not have the finances for these extra curricular activities, so I am keen to build relationships with the community to allow these kids exposure to activities not made available to them through schools, or at an affordable price.