KIDS ON F.O.O.T - Holiday and After School OSCAR Programmes
Lealofi Fuataga, Kids on f.o.o.t director and son Jade
As a mother and a teacher, it is obvious to me that our children are crying out for an environment in which they can be encouraged and valued. 
In an age of “It’s all about ME!” our children need to see that they do have a part to play in their family, school and community.  Many children wander down  roads of negative decision making, and do not really realise that in the end, they are hurting themselves, and their choices do affect a lot more than themselves.

Having been a solo-parent for 10 years, I understand the demands and challenges with juggling work and childcare during the holidays, and before and after school.  I understand the questions and uneasiness that comes when leaving your children - your treasures, with others, and when it comes to childcare - initially, it usually is leaving your children to strangers.  Kids on f.o.o.t aims at easing this situation, you will find that on the programme, it is not just teenagers looking after your kids, but adults who are mothers and fathers also.  I believe this is of utmost importance!
All about the kids!It is my hope that through providing quality child care and enveloping the children/teens with opportunities to dig out their talents and abilities, and then providing a community opportunity to use their talents, they will feel empowered individually and therefore want to give more to their communities. 

Through great role modelling from our Kids on f.o.o.t staff, whose desire is to build up the children’s spirit; showing kids what is happening in their community, and allowing them to find something within to give back – we have an awesome future generation of adults in the making!

My husband and I, are teaming up with a heart to bring amazing opportunities for the kids in our communities that Kids on f.o.o.t serve. 
Sam has a solid background in performing arts.  Having travelled the world, he has seen, done and experienced so much - he is excited to have launched LIMITLESS PERFORMANCE ACADEMY which provides our kids with tuition in dance, singing, musical instruments and drama.  All these performing arts will be used as a vehicle to encourage our kids to be confident and that they are indeed limitless and are all born for greatness!
Here's to our fabulous kids!!!
Sam & Lealofi Fuataga
Programme Directors