KIDS ON F.O.O.T - Holiday and After School OSCAR Programmes

Our HOLIDAY PROGRAMMES vision is to send kids out into the community that they live, finding a need and filling it - enjoying their holidays while using their gifting and abilities to help others.Kids on f.o.o.t - Kids on F.aith O.f T.ouch - believing that even at a young age, you can touch others through doing good, giving and helping where needed! Kids can be agents of change to a more positive, healthy, unified & fruitful society!

Have a look at our awesome past programmes :- 

the kids learned about the work of Te Omanga Hospice and visited the hospice bringing with them over $200 in donations and put on morning tea for the volunteers and a concert for the patients and volunteers.  The children made up their own items, drawing from their own talents and desires of what they wanted to present.  The concert consisted of singing, dancing, poetry and even some jokes :)  

* July 2010 RED CROSS
 working with The Red Cross, the kids did a people savers course, equipping them to be an asset to their community, family, school in a time of emergency.  They also learned about the work Red Cross does locally, nationally and internationally.  The kids raised $160 to donate to the work of Red Cross.  

they didn't even want to leave the building site though we had planned to go to the local wave pool! 

* December 2010 / January 2011, Kids on f.o.o.t had a 'Food, glorious food!" theme, looking at the work of local food banks and soup kitchens as they worked towards helping those in our community who do not have sufficient food for various reasons.  The kids put on a concert/karaoke night at the end of the holidays inviting people to bring a gold coin donation for the soup kitchen and a food item for the food bank - it was a great time and family and friends, as well as the kids are looking forward to the next concert!! $125 was raised for the Soup Kitchen and a whole heap of food was donated to the food bank!  Awesome work Kids on f.o.o.t!

* April 2011 : We love Japan & Christchurch - KOF had a variety concert where the kids performed various items and raised money for the victims of earthquakes/tsunami.  This holiday, with all that has happened in Christchurch and in Japan, we will be looking at the nation of Japan.  At Kids on f.o.o.t After School Care our kids have been learning Japanese language during the term so we will add some cultural knowledge.  We will also run some actvities around civil defence.
Show casing our kids, Hiphop, Hapkido, drum items that kids have been learning during the term as well as other items learnt during the holidays!!  All money raised will go to Tsunami victims in Sendai.

July 2011 The BIG pull to AOTEAROA
Amongst  daily games, sport, fun, laughter and  action packed programme, this holiday we’re looking at the lives of refugees - what the BIG pull is to our country NZ – what we should be proud about and value about this country, whilst raising awareness of challenges refugees face in a new land with new ways and language and how we as kids can help and be more understanding!

this holiday the kids will be thinking of ways they can help kids with Cancer and fundraising for one of our own Kids on f.o.o.t kids and his family to support them during this challenging time.

In learning about where we live, identifying the awesome things about our city, we believe our kids can grow a sense of pride and therefore respect the city we live in.  We may also identify some gaps as kids - well, who says our kids do not have the potential to develop the answers??

We see a lot of grafitti, vandalism and antisocial behaviour by youth of today in our community, and one of the reasons for this is a lack of pride in themselves and the place in which they live.  In creating a sense of pride for the city in which we live, our kids who are the future mayors, city councillors, architects, city planners, lawyers, teachers, sportspeople, prime ministers ... will create a better tomorrow for themselves, those around them - and for us 'older and apparently wiser' we will be dependent on them to provide an amazing place for us to grow even older and wiser :)

Of course this learning is laced with fun-filled activities and trips to the movies, skating rink, junglerama, rock climbing, pools, sport, craft, music and art and topped with a whole heap of laughing, crazy antics and wonderful memories.

Kids on f.o.o.t is all about encouraging our kids to be fabulous kids who are generous with their time, talent, gifts and resources.  In being fabulous individuals, they collectively make a fabulous community. 
This holiday, we will be "JUMPIN n JAMMIN 4 JIREH". 
In true Kids on f.o.o.t style, learning is laced with fun-filled activities and trips to the movies, skating rink, junglerama, rock climbing, pools, sport, craft, music and art topped with a whole heap of laughing, crazy antics and wonderful memories.

Our kids will be identifying the needs and current battles of Jireh-Jade Winiata who has CHARGE Syndrome and in need of $50,000 for a Cochlear Implant. Its all about highlighting Jireh's needs as well as highlighting just how blessed our kids are to have their hearing, sight, balance nerves in place, fully formed vertebrae and healthy hearts - all things that they will need and use for their jump rope event, and things that baby Jireh doesn't have.  Please go to for more information. 

JUMPIN N JAMMIN EVENT: 5 HOURS OF CONTINUOUS JUMPING, SKIPPING, MOVING AROUND - Kids will make up routines that they will jam to music of their choice - they can do individual or group items.  We will have relays and games with performances of the kids routines scheduled throughout the event.  There will be a sausage sizzle and drinks for sale for lunch - all the money raised will go towards hitting that target of $50,000 - which 35% has been raised so far.  KIDS ON F.O.O.T (faith of one touch) are out to put as big a dent as possible into the remaining amount required to improve the hearing and life of Baby Jireh!! 


2012Dec/ 2013 Jan
Kids on f.o.o.t  GOT  TALENT!!
What talent do you have that you are unaware of?

This holiday kids on f.o.o.t holidays will be jam packed with fun learning - juggling, magic tricks, dancing, instruments, singing, dancing, cultural performing arts, poetry ... whatever we can dig up - it's coming out and will be show cased in our KIDS ON FOOT GOT TALENT CONCERT AT THE END of the holidays!!!

This holiday, Kids on f.o.o.t will be learning about the need for food in our community - and thinking about ways we can help.
It was rather disturbing talking to a local pastor recently about the number of people who were coming for food parcels - I know the issue is talked about in the media and many organisations have formed to help combat this issue of hunger, but it is truly scary when you realise - 
its right in your back yard.
Kids on f.o.o.t this holiday will be endeavouring to become "Hunger Busters" and thinking of creative ways to collect as much food as possible for our local food banks.
Of course, in true Kids on foot style, all our community work is laced with fun, fabulous and higly likely hillarious times.  
Check out our schedule below.

This upcoming holiday our kids on foot will be revisiting the needs of Baby Jireh. Last year we helped fundraise for her second cochlear implant costing $15,000. She now has both implants and she is enjoying hearing through the assistance of her implants.  
Check this video out of her responding to sound ...

Malaya has an undiagnosed seizure/spasm disorder, severe global developmental delay (cannot walk, talk, or eat) among other things. 
Here's a message from her family:
Malaya has 2 older sisters and a younger brother whom are all healthy. Malaya is very tall for her age and is too heavy and awkward for her mum (Mellissa) to carry and move around. So I (Dayrl) her father is the main caregiver, which means Mellissa is the main income earner for the family. However with no qualifications Mellissa is currently studying for our future and this is putting a lot of financial pressure on the family.Prior to this I had my own gib fixing and plastering business but with Malaya’s disabilities (50 to 60 seizures a day when younger) I had to help out around the house more. We tried to get assistance but did not qualify as our prior years income was to high. We then used all the money in the business and overdraft to survive. Then we were able to get assistance from WINZ. But as time went on the bills and debt mounted and we were forced to sell our house. We are now trying to generate income from Mellissa’s body art business but this will time to establish. 
Thanks for stopping by and supporting her and our family.  
The Waaka Family

Dec 2013/Jan 2014
This holiday Kids on f.o.o.t will be learning about the work of World VIsion and support their Philippine Typhoon Appeal.  We will have a visit from World Vision to talk about the Philippines and do some cooking, crafts, learn some games from the Philippines. 

April 2014: Focus on Lyme disease & the Ruby Red Trust - 
Kids on f.o.o.t holiday programme did some learning about Ruby and Lyme Disease over the holidays and have managed to raise $550 - you will see a few pix of the kids on our fb page (I haven't had a chance to upload to our website yet - but eventually there will be pix there) - they learnt so much and their hearts really turned toward Ruby and her needs. I had a number of messages from parents saying how they came home and talked about Ruby.
We had a movie fundraiser, Kids on foot owners made up $3 treat bags and sold them to the kids to take to the movies and we took donations too from our families who wanted to give above the $3 treat bags.
One of our kids got up in church too and spoke about Ruby which urged others in church to give also.
If we could have a bank account and address please to send the things that our kids made for Ruby we would truly appreciate it.

July 2014
This holiday we are fundraising to help some local Plunket nurses get to a conference.  We actually have a few mothers of our Kids on f.o.o.t children who are plunket nurses - which has always been very helpful for us staff who are parents of little ones.
We believe its important to help these Plunket nurses to up skill so they are in the most professional position when they work with our babies in our families and community at large!
We are also teaming up with Pacific Health Service Hutt Valley to promote education and prevention of Obesityin our children.  They have kindly sponsored a mobile kitchen to come to the programme and the kids will learn how to cook healthy meals and snacks.   

KOF WILL BE A FIZZY AND LOLLY FREE ZONE - admittedly, this challenges Kids on f.o.o.t with how to find alternative 'treats' and prizes for our kids during the programme.

Oct 2014 "I AM"
This holiday Kids on foot will be encouraged to speak about themselves and others positively.  To acnknowedg the amazing potential that is within.  To take hold, and 'be' ... simply say - I AM!"  " I AM ' Two of the most powerful words - for what you put after them shapes your reality"

Help Kids on fo.o.t thank and help local single parents kick start 2015 with a little less to worry about ... we are aiming to give 100 back to school packs to single parents.  The pack includes: Nike bag, lunch box, drink bottle and $30 stationery voucher.

As always KOF holiday programme is choka block with fabulous activities, but laced with some purposeful and fun activities geared towards rearing our kids to be amazing kids that will make a difference in their family, school and community.  This holiday we are going to "DO THE RIGHT THING"
In difficult situations - how we will we respond?  Ignore, make the situation worse?  or help make the situation better?  We will be encoring our kids to have 'helping hands' ready to act and make any bad situation - better - DO THE RIGHT THING! without thinking about what others will think.
Our kids are exposed to lots of opportunities to help in the classroom and playground - we have kids with special needs who may not think, move, or do as most would - how will we treat them?  We will look at bullying, being and awesome mate when kids have special needs (physical, learning, behavioural, difference such as autism or aspergers).


Oct 2015

Dec 2015/ Jan 2016