KIDS ON F.O.O.T - Holiday and After School OSCAR Programmes

Lealofi Fuataga - 
Programme Director

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"A product and current resident of Wainuiomata.  I am happily married to the man of my dreams and we have 3 sons, Jade 12yrs, Emerson 20months and Sammy 18wks.  I am a teacher, relieving from time to time, but primarily a mum :)   
I love to travel, I lived and taught in Japan for over 7 years and is where Jade was born. 
 I love working with kids, not just teaching them things, but encouraging them to be all that they can be and were born to be! 
I am all about the "common good"- I like to be a part of things that help out as many people as possible.  I KNOW Kids on f.o.o.t is a win-win-win-win... (to infinitity) situation.  I'm excited to see what is to come! I'm excited to work with an awesome group of people who have a genuine desire to see the kids enjoy life!"


Naomi Baleikasavu
Wainuiomata Programme Manager
Ni Sa Bula! My name is Naomi Baleikasavu...aka 'Aunty Omi" and I love being apart of the Kids on F.O.O.T whanau! I mean where else can you work with people who don't judge you... Love you as you are... make the trivial things in life seem not so trivial......Make you smile everyday... teach you patience and help you remember how to have mindless fun!
A little about me; I currently live in Newlands, have 2 beautiful nieces and 1 handsome nephew. Love, love, love creating masterpieces out of waste material(upcycling) and am in the process of starting my own online upcycle retail store(Upcycle Old2New). I also love writing and dream of publishing children/Christian literature in the future!

Alo Ioane - Taita KOF Programme Manager
alo dru kcTalofa lava, I was born and raised in the Hutt.  I’m married and we have a gorgeous son Krisnan-
Cole.  I love working with children and have a passion for helping and inspiring them and others through learning, development and by supporting and assisting the needs of the wider community.  I’m all about the greater good and wellness of our children and families!!!


Isaiah Mamea - Wainuiomata KOF Child Supervisor
Hi my name is Isaiah Mamea.

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I went to St Bernards college and played a lot of sport including rugby, rugby league, touch, volley ball.  I also enjoy singing with a choir group.  
Now all of my sporting focus is on rugby making the Wainui prem team and recently winning Chris Stirling Cup, Darren Larsen cup and more.   Also helping our team cross the line to see our local team play in the Jublee cup round where our club hasn't been in over 27 years also we won the Wellington 7's tournament in 2010. I was also in a touch team that won the Trination church comp in Wainui.  I have also made Wellington rep teams like u18,19 and 20's and the Wellington Samoan team. I am a part of the Wainuiomata Samoan community rugby team that went over to Malaysia.
For me having a group of kids is like having a team you have to work together and enjoy each other in order to get the best out of something.
I also did a certificate in exercise science and enjoyed everything that I've learnt in there and now all my knowledge and skills and teachings go into the group of kids that I get and belive that me giving my best to these kids will turn in to a cycle me knowing that later on they will do the same to the next generation.
Through all the sports and things that I do, something that I find enjoyable is coaching.  While I was studying, I helped with coaching the Wainui High girls rugby team they got close to the finals making semis in division one, this was a achievement in it's self, knowing the players that we were working with. I also coached kids in Malaysia. That was heaps of fun teaching Malaysian kids how to wax (side step New Zealand style) very funny. Coaching for me is teaching and for me everything you learn in sport like respect your opponent respect your team mate, work hard and results will come, team work is the key to success and so much more can easily relate to life and in everything you do.
Ese Enari - Holiday Programme Child Supervisor

enari famz"I was born and raised in Wellington, I'm married to Linda and we have 3 beautiful children and I believe as parents we learn alot from children whether they are our own or not. Also enjoy giving kids space to do what they love to do and have fun with other kids."

Talofa Lava my name is Sarah Murch and I'm a mother of 4 before working at Kids on Foot I had previous work experience  with children in after school cares and early childhood centres

Talofa lava everyone. My name is Helen Amosa and I am currently working at kids on f.o.o.t Taita. I had previously been working in early childhood until the opportunity to work for K.O.F and with older children was presented.  Its a fresh breath of air working with these amazing kids as they share stories about their day, their accomplishments and allowing me to share apart if their lives. I have always seen wanted to be in a position of positive impact.  Its no secret here at K.O.F that I am firm with the e kids

Talofa my name is Nerine Fuataga, I have been with KOF for a little over a year now. Before working with KOF i had been working in office admin with a couple of government agencies, I also travelled overseas to do YWAM which is a Christian outreach mission group. My passion is baking/cooking and hope to open my own cafe in the very near future so watch this space. As well as working for KOF I also am studying partime in Small Business Management, it can be challenging but its getting me closer to my dream. I enjoy working with KOF the kids make me laugh good medicine for the soul. I count looking after KOF kids a privilege as parents are entrusting their children to us. I sorry i haven’t finished my novel lolI love how the children trust us and share how their day went. So this is just a little spiel on me fa'afetai lava.


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