KIDS ON F.O.O.T - Holiday and After School OSCAR Programmes


Kids On Foot Daycare Centre is a new service that is looking to be established in Wainuiomata at the foot of the Wainui Hill in the Life City Church building.  We are hoping to open by January 2016, earlier if possible J  We hope to establish an Daycare Centre  at each of our Out of School Care & Recreation (OSCAR) sites in the future.
Our vision is to equip and empower our children to discover their greatness. 
We propose to include the following in the new service: -
·      Transport to and from home (if required – criteria will apply),
·      lunch provided
·      modern facilities and resources
·      Christian & NZ ECE curriculum,
·      Pacific inspired environment and curriculum PLEASE NOTE - Kids on foot is for 
       EVERYONE of all backgrounds
·      On same site as Before/After School care and holiday programme
·      Opening hours 7am-6pm
·      Samoan speaking staff - language service for parents/guardians who wish to 
       communicate with staff or have questions about the service.  We will be looking 
       to hire staff with a range of languages and cultures to meet the needs of our

To assist us in establishing our services, please take a moment to complete our market research survey.  Your responses will be kept strictly confidential by our organisation.

1. Do you require or use childcare services?
2. Do you have family or friends who require childcare services?
If so, would you mind providing their details below for us to contact them to complete this survey?
3. If you answered ‘No’ to any of the above questions what is your reasoning for not using or requiring any childcare services. (Once you have answered this question you do not need to answer anymore questions) Thank you for your time
4. How many children do you have under the ages of 5?
5. Have you ever tried to find a daycare for your children and needed to be put on a waiting list due to the roll being full?
If "Yes" - what was the name of the daycare?
6. How do you travel to work/place of study?
Where is your place of work/study (if studying, please give name of institution)
7. Please explain how you select a day care - what are the most important factors? Please rank (eg. price, location, staff, curriculum .etc)
8. Would you prefer to have your child at a centre near home or near work?
9. How much are you willing to pay per hour for daycare services?
How much are you willing to pay if the service includes lunch, transport, before/after school and holiday programme for school aged siblings?
10. In what order would you do a search for a daycare centre. Please number 1 – 4 in order of preference.: internet, phone book, word of mouth, newspaper
11. Would you choose a Daycare that has Primary School aged care for before/after school and holiday programmes on the same site as opposed to a Daycare only service?
12. How likely would you be to use our new service instead of competing services if we were offering: transport, meals, modern facilities, Christian based curriculum, pacific inspired environment, before/after school care and holiday programmes for school kids, opening hours 7am-6pm?
13. What do you like most about current daycare services?
14. What changes would most improve current daycare services?
15. What age group do you belong to?
What suburb do you live in?
16. Our new service will be in Wainui, would you consider enrolling if you do not live in Wainui?
If no, would anything change your mind? eg. transport from your area - please explain below
With the proposed services of Kids on foot Daycare, if there was one located in your area, would you enrol your children?
17. Please comment below why you would or wouldn't use our new service
Any final comments or suggestions?
Please provide your details below if you wish to have updates about Kids on f.o.o.t DayCare and confirmation of our opening day - please provide, name, email, phone & address

Please push 'send' to submit your survey form before going on to complete a pre-enrolment form if you wish to do so :)