KIDS ON F.O.O.T - Holiday and After School OSCAR Programmes
April Holiday Programme 
When:             Tuesday 6 April – Friday 16 April 8am – 5pm            
Where:            St David’s Multicultural Hall                                             
Cost:               FREE for those who qualify for OSCAR Subsidy and confirmation of approval is supplied to Kids on f.o.o.t
$15/day for those who don’t qualify for OSCAR subsidy   

teomanga logoYour kids will be learning about challenges others face and the great work that Te Omanga Hospice does for the community. 
Your child will find something within them they can give, finding worth within themselves and also brightening the patients of Te Omanga’s day.  We will be thinking of ways that we can raise money for the Hospice whose services are provided free!

Kids on f.o.o.t will be showcasing their talent through a mini-concert at Te Omanga Hospice with song, dance, acting ... whatever we can do! Your child will also bake and prepare morning tea for the patients and staff. 
You will also see that your child will be doing typical holiday activities such as going to the movies and the swimming pools amongst our preparation for the Hospice visit and concert. (Please note, the programme/events may change for unforeseen circumstances, you will be notified of any major changes that may affect pick up/drop off times)

Te Omanga Hospice is a Charitable Trust that specialises in support and care for those living with a terminal illness, helping patients to make the most of their life that remains and ensuring that they die comfortably with dignity and in their own homes if they wish. All hospice services are provided free of charge to patients and families. 

Week 1:
Monday: Easter Monday
Wednesday: Rock Climbing/ Hospice Focus - Concert Practise
Thursday: Arts & Crafts / Swimming
Friday:  Sports/Swish Dish

Week 2:
Monday: Te Omanga Hospice Concert Practise / Swimming
Tuesday:  Movies / Baking for Hospice Staff
Wednesday: Te Omanga Hospice visit / Cup stacking
Thursday:  Glow in the Dark Golf / Maidstone Max
Friday:  Laser Strike / Electronic Day