KIDS ON F.O.O.T - Holiday and After School OSCAR Programmes
Kids on f.o.o.t - Kids on F.aith O.f T.ouch -
believing that even at a young age, you can touch others through doing good, giving and helping where needed!
Kids can be agents of change to a more positive, healthy, unified & fruitful society!

Looking for more than babysitting
over the school holidays?

 Want your kids to be involved in making our community a better place?  Want more family time after after school care?

Want your kids to be around people who are genuine in their desire for your kids to feel valued, who will encourage your kids, make them laugh and feel safe?  

Would you like your child to be encouraged to be an “ASSET” to their families, schools and community?

Needing or wanting your kids, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, cousins etc to be in a quality programme - a purposeful programme, then you better sign up now!

The staff on this programme are AMAZING!!